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Imagine having bought a new car and the next day you discover that you new car has a dent.  Your first stop will undoubtedly be the dent repair body shop in an attempt to get the dent repaired. After all, it's a new car and even the smallest of dents is not acceptable. If you are staying in or around Cardiff, then you can take your car to a dent repair shop in Cardiff . You should be prepared to leave your car at the repair shop for a few days.

However, there is an alternative choice. You could use a  dentmaster technician  for your dent repair.  LVV Services has qualified PDR technicians to repair your dents. LVV Services is a mobile dent repair company. The dentmaster technicians use a technique called PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

Visiting a Bodyshop can be expensive and time consuming. However, by choosing to call LVV Services, you can arrange for one of our technicians to call at your convenience. We charge competitive but reasonable prices! We at LVV Services Ltd. have dedicated and skilled technicians in our mobile dent repair company that cover  South Wales , Cardiff , Swansea and Newport .

What can a dentmaster repair or dent repair shop offer?

The Body Shop provides:

  • A thorough paint restoration repair process for dents.
  • They will take more time – the standard time is two to three days.
  • The dent repair techniques involve processes like filling dents, grinding and sanding to get them back into shape.
  • Some of the common tools used by a dent shop include dent hammers, pullers, drills, etc.
  • You will end up paying more money. In the long run it will not be cost effective because your car can get dings and dents every month!
  • They will grind off the original factory paint and re-paint it. This can reduce the resale value of your car.

The Dentmaster technique provides:

  • A repair carried out from behind the panel
  • Our Dentmaster technicians are expertly trained in the effective use of special tools
  • At LVV Services Ltd., dent repair is a small procedure that will take a few hours at most.
  • The Dentmaster PDR method uses "gentle massaging" of the dent area to get it back to its original appearance
  • An excellent  solution for small dings and dents
  • It is cost effective and will save both your time and money.

Managing Director at LVV Services Ltd. is Steve Magill.

You can also visit our website at to know more about our other services like SMART Repair. Other services available include dent removal, car diagnostics, paint repair, alloy wheel repair and air conditioning.


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Valleys along the M4 corridor.

New for 2006 we now offer a Dent Removal / Repair Service in and around the West Wales Area

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