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For many of us, our cars are like a second home. So we would like to enjoy the same level of comfort in our car, which we are accustomed to at home and even work. The slide of the lever or a push of the button allows us to move seamlessly, from a hot to a cool environment and back again, without really thinking about what is involved. This is only true until something goes wrong. LVV air conditioning services in South Wales is ready to take care of all your aircon problems.

The very first air conditioning system for automobiles was introduced in 1940s. Changes and technology advancements have occurred since its birth, including the air conditioning mechanism, which has become more complex and refined. With the introduction of computerized automatic temperature control (a feature that allows you to set the desired temperature and makes the a/c system adjust itself automatically) and other features, the use and repair of these systems has become highly demanding and the technicians of car air conditioning in South Wales is well aware of this.

Added to the already complex aircon system, we now have tough environmental regulations that govern the simple tasks such as recharging the air conditioning system with the R 12 refrigerant, called Freon. However, the U.S. and many other countries under the Montreal Protocol have banned the manufacture and use of Freon. This ban is due to the proven damaging effects of this gas to our ozone layer

Therefore, now more than ever before, your car air conditioning mechanic in South Wales will have to provide a receipt for the purchase of the refrigerant and also for the repair of your air con. It is necessary for the car air conditioning mechanic in South Wales to be equipped with correct tools that ensure that these ozone depleting chemicals be captured should the system be opened for repair. Your car air conditioning mechanic in South Wales may have to spend more time to repair your car's aircon; he will need to be fully trained and experienced. We suggest that you gain some basic knowledge of your car's air conditioning system so that you are better equipped to make a more informed decision in case of repair work.

Major problems with your vehicle's air conditioning system would mean that you come face to face with incomprehensible jargons. You car air conditioning mechanic in South Wales may suggest ‘retrofit' as opposed to just repairing and recharging the aircon gas.

So what is ‘retrofit'?

Retrofitting the air conditioning system of the car simply involves making some specific changes to the system that allows for the use of the new environmentally friendly R 134a gas. The R 134a has a higher operating pressure, thus prompting the car air conditioning mechanic in South Wales to change or add more components to the system depending on the age of your aircon system. The costs for repair can increase significantly due to ‘retrofitting', and may also reduce the cooling efficiency, increase operating costs and reduce comfort of your vehicle if the changes are not carried out under expert guidance. This is why you should use LVV Air conditioning Services in South Wales .

There are many other car air conditioning problems that may occur from time to time. Here's a list of warning signs that your car air conditioning in South Wales system requires the careful and experienced touch of an expert.

Car air conditioning problems:

•  Aircon does not cool the car at the set temperature

•  Fan does not function properly when set in the cool mode

•  Fan/blower makes too much noise

•  Heater, or defroster or the top and side vents do not work

•  The car heats when the aircon is on

•  The aircon leaks water

•  There is stale odor from the interior vents

In the next article, we will discuss how these problems can be prevented and also how you can keep your car air conditioning in South Wales healthy and in full working order.

If you have any further questions related to your car aircon, you can contact Steve Magill, managing director of LVV Services Ltd. .

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