Stay cool this Summer

(By having your car Air Con serviced)

Imagine being stuck in a bad traffic jam in Cardiff or Newport with the sun beating down on you.

(Yes, we know what you're thinking and YES the sun does shine in Wales .)

Now imagine being stuck in a bad traffic jam in Cardiff or Newport with the sun beating down on you without air conditioning . It doesn't bear thinking about.

Nevertheless, you can prevent this breakdown and stay cool this summer . The easy way is to have your car air con serviced before summer sets in. However, you should only get your car air con serviced from a quality automobile air conditioning servicing shop. If you are living around South Wales , Cardiff or Newport , then LVV Services are your best choice. These technicians are experts in servicing, repairing and maintaining car air conditioners.

Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, LVV Services are the perfect “one service stop” for your car air conditioning system .

When it comes to your car air conditioning system , it will be in your best interests to perform regular preventative maintenance. This will save you both headaches and money for a period of time. Moreover, taking care of your car air conditioning system is easier than you think. There are some very simple checks you can perform on your own at regular intervals.

Here are a couple of checks you can perform by yourself –

•  Keep the aircon working - It's important to keep the seals of your car air conditioning system serviced. How is this achieved? Simply by running the car aircon for a minimum of five minutes every month, especially during winter. The regular working of your car air conditioning system ensures that all the seals remain adequately lubricated.

•  Check the coolant level - Always check your car's antifreeze liquid level at regular intervals. This will prevent your car from overheating and you will save on unnecessary expenses.

It's important for you to know how your car air conditioning system actually works. Before you take your car for servicing, educate yourself about specific problems. Learn about the various problems that can plague your car air conditioning system beforehand, so you will not be in for a huge shock when you see the repair bills!

Your car air conditioning system has four components –

•  Compressor: The compressor is driven by the engine's drive belt. The compressor is mainly responsible to compress and pressurize the cool gas, which is the first step towards conditioning the air for your car air conditioning system .

•  Condenser: The condenser utilizes the airflow from the engine fan and converts gas from the compressor to liquid state. It is located in the front of the radiator.

•  Expansion Device: The high-pressure liquid gas leaves the condenser dry and pressure is reduced some more, thus cooling the liquid.

•  Evaporator: This cool liquid is passed through the evaporator and mixes with warm air upon release. Upon coming in contact with warm air, the liquid evaporates and cold, clean air is blown into the ambient car via the aircon vents.

Now that you are aware of how your car air conditioning system works, you will be better prepared to understand the nature of problems that might affect the smooth functioning of this system.

Servicing your car air conditioning system is an integral part of keeping not just the aircon system in good health, but also ensuring that you do not have to spend the summer sweating and fuming! Not to mention that by getting your car air conditioning system regularly serviced you are safe in the knowledge that the system works with peak efficiency.

Steve Magill, the managing director of LVV Services Ltd. which is located in South Wales , recommends that you get your car air conditioning system serviced every 12 months, thus ensuring you stay cool not just this summer, but every summer!

Remember, LVV Services only specializes in Smart Repair of cars.

Specialist areas include:

Dent removal,
Car diagnostics,
Paint repair,
Leather Repair,
Alloy wheel repair and
Car air conditioning systems .


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