Airbag Module Repair

Vehicle safety was revolutionized with the addition of airbags as standard equipment. When utilized in conjunction with safety seat belt restraints, bodily harm as a result of car crash impact is significantly reduced. Before the addition of airbags to vehicles, the only line of defense in a crash was the seat belt restraint feature.

Airbags deploy inside of a vehicle in the event a crash occurs. These are normally located on the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. There is something called an airbag control module that handles the functioning of the airbags. When the module senses a crash has occurred, a signal is sent activating the airbags. It works in much the same way as the hard drive of a standard home or office computer.

Airbags and the related control modules can onto the vehicle scene in the early 1990's. The main function is to operate a safety restraint system within a vehicle. The control module does not consume a great deal of space inside the vehicle. In fact, the control module is no larger than a standard pack of cigarettes.

The main trigger that sends airbags into deployment mode is a malfunction of the seat belt restraints. As in the event of a crash, seat belts may or may not function correctly. The control module also gauges the current speed of the vehicle at the time the crash occurs. This can determine whether or not the module will activate deployment of the airbags as well.

Once the airbag control module has deployed the airbags, the entire system needs to be reset. There are a series of codes that operate the module. Failure or common error can cause the airbags to deploy without a crash occurring. In this situation, it is advisable to take the vehicle to an airbag mechanic specialist. Repair airbag module mechanics have the tools necessary to clear out and reset fault and error codes. In addition, hard crash data stored on the control module can be reset as well.

The process is similar to that of restoring a home computer hard drive. The airbag control module is hooked up to a scanner tool so that the mechanic can determine exactly what sort of code was recorded on the module. A scanning tool basically takes a look at the microprocessor and memory chips of the control module. From there a repair plan is formulated and may entail sending out for replacement parts.

On average, it costs approximately $50 to $75 for each time an airbag control module needs to be repaired. Never pay more than $100 for this service. Reputable airbag mechanics will not charge more than that amount for control module repairs. Also it is advisable to deal with mechanics that are insured or bonded in some way. This is just an additional protection step for piece of mind in turning the control module over to a qualified person.

Following completion of the airbag control module repair, a test is run to ensure the non-deployed airbags will activate with the newly programmed module in the event of an accident.


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