Car Body Repair and Dent Removal - L V V Services

Getting repairs done on my car always seems like such a hassle. With LVV Services, it wasn't. Carmond came out the same day I called. He told me what the total cost would be to repair my bumper and it took less than an hour for him to do it. So easy, Thanks!

Janet Haysom - Bumper Crack Repair - Swansea

Not really sure how the burn got in the passenger seat of my car, but Carmond at LVV took care of it. He did such a great job that it is impossible to see where it was. It cost me a lot less than it would have to replace the seat. Will certainly remember you if I need work done again.

Jude Briers 
- Ford Focus Seat Burn Repair -  Newport

Called LVV Services to refurb two of my alloy wheels, Steve and Carmond did a great job and it cost a lot less than I thought it would. I will get the other two wheels done in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the great work.

- Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - Ely, Cardiff

My brother told me to call Steve at LVV to have my leather seats repaired, Great advice. There were scuffs and cracks in my seats and they looked awful. Steve worked his magic and now those seats look great. Now I have to tell my brother he was right!

Ian Norris 
- Leather Seat Repair  - Maindy , Cardiff

I backed into a tree and cracked the bumper of my car. I surfed around the web for a quote to get it fixed and the body shops were just too expensive. LVV Services was the first place to give a decent quote for the repair and they came to my home to do it. Steve was great, professional, courteous, and on time. I will definitely recommend him.

Roger Charles
- Audi Bumper Crack Repair  - Butetown ,Cardiff

Steve and Carmond take care of all of our fleet vehicles when it comes to dents and other minor damage. It costs us much less to use LVV rather than a local body shop. They are always professional and the repair work is always top notch. Great job, guys.

- Dent Repair  - Cardiff Fleet, Workshops

I was really worried about the damage to the door of my Jag. This car is my pride and joy. The quality of work by LVV Services was amazing. I also saved hundreds of pounds by using LVV instead of a dealer. There is no sign of the dent at all. I will recommend to anyone and everyone.

Judy Collard
- Dent Repair - Bridgend

I was getting ready to sell my Mercedes and wanted to get a couple of scuffs on the bumper fixed. Carmond came out and gave a quote for the work, which was a lot less than I expected. He was able to make the bumper look like new and I am sure that it helped me get a lot more when I sold it.

-  Mercedes Bumper Scuff Repair  -  lanishen - Cardiff

My teenage son is not the best driver and backed into the rubbish bin. It caught both the back bumper and the back panel of the car leaving scuff marks. Carmond was able to fix both areas and it cost a lot less than what I would have paid elsewhere. Car looks great again.

- Bumper Crack Repair  - Cathays , Cardiff

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job that Steve did on my alloy wheels. I am really pleased with how they look . Thank you.

Charles Baines 
- Alloy Wheel Repair  - Pen-y-Lan, Cardiff

I was delighted with the level of workmanship and service from Carmond and would gladly recommend to others.

Julia Peters 
-  Paintless Dent Repair  -  Newport

Someone reversed into my car and left a nasty crack in my bumper. I called Steve and Carmond at LVV. They arrived the same day and took care of it. It looks like new. Thanks.

Keith Reed 
- Bumper Crack Repair - Swansea

Carmond came to my home and repaired an alloy wheel that had been damaged in an accident with a high kerb. The cost was minimal compared to a new wheel and the results were really amazing. Thank you for doing such a good job.

- Alloy Wheel Repair  -  Llanishen, Cardiff

I misjudged a corner when parking and got some damage to my Mercedes. I found LVV Services online and made an appointment for the next day. Steve arrived on time, gave me a decent quote, and did the repair in just a couple of hours. I Will certainly keep the phone number handy if I need their services again.

- Dent Repair  - Bridgend

I was getting ready to return a leased vehicle and I knew that the scuffs on the bumper would end up costing me dearly if not fixed. Carmond from LVV was able to remove the scuffs and there was no sign of the damage at all. The leasing agent was pleased with the car when we returned it and there were no additional charges. Thanks for helping us get our deposit back!

Rob Gibson 
- Bumper Scuff Repair - Saint Fagans,  Cardiff

I bought a used Audi and wanted to get a couple of dents in the bonnet repaired. LVV Services gave me the best quote and Steve took care of the dents quickly. Now my used car looks better than ever. Thanks!

- Dent Removal  - Cardiff

If I could give LVV Services six stars out of five, I would. I scraped a curb with my alloy wheel and I thought I would have to replace it. Steve's work on the wheel was really terrific. It looks like new and there is no sign of the damage at all. I would recommend LVV to anyone who wants great service at a cost that is affordable.

- Alloy Wheel Repair - Pentyrch, Cardiff

Just a quick note to say thanks for taking such good care of my car, The workmanship was beyond my expectations. The big dent in my front wing is now a distant memory and it is obvious that Steve takes a great deal of pride in his work.

Jeff Sharp 
- Dent Repair  -  Bridgend

Thank you for fixing my parents, car last weekend. If they knew I dented that bumper, they would have been really mad. I am not sure how you did it, but you can't even tell it was there. Thanks!

Jennifer L. 
- Dent Repair - Cardiff

Please pass my thanks on to Carmond for a job well done on my Audi. I thought the bumper would have to be replaced, but he was able to repair the crack and I can't tell where it was. I will recommend LVV Services and Carmond to others.

- Bumper Crack Repair - Newport

My door trim looked awful, but not anymore. Steve at LVV came out - on time I might add - and repaired it. He charged me exactly what he said it would cost, too. That was nice for a change. The trim looks great, too. Thank you.

Hannah - Door Trim Repair - Newport

LVV Services took care of a burn in the driver's seat of my car after my friend borrowed it. Steve, the lad that did the repair, was very nice and it did not take very long at all for the burn mark to be gone for good. Thanks for working so quickly.

Riley Young - Car Seat Burn Repair - Radyr - Cardiff

Since rubbish bins seem to jump behind my car, I have now had to use Carmond twice to repair my bumper. Both times, he has come out the same day I called. The repaired area looks great, just like the first time and it cost the same as it did a year ago. Thanks.

Harry Martin - Bumper Repair - Swansea

I called Steve to fix a dent that just appeared in the passenger door of my car. I wasn't sure if it could be fixed because it was so close to the edge. He did it, though and fast, too. Glad I didn't have to take it to the body shop. I Will certainly call LVV again if I need them.

Samuel Brown - Dent Repair - Cardiff

Last time I needed a ding fixed in my car, I took it a local car body shop. Not only did the repair take forever, the cost was very high. This time I called LVV Services who are mobile , what a difference. Steve quickly made my car look great once again, but the final cost was exactly what he quoted me beforehand. Bravo!

Simon - Dent Repair - Butetown - Cardiff

Fast repair on my alloy wheel by Carmond. Great price. What more to say? Will use LVV again.

Jeff Cook - Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - Pentrych - Cardiff

I can't say enough good things about LVV Services. They came highly recommended by my boss and now I know why;-) Steve was terrific. He took the time to explain how he was going to fix this crack in my bumper. He also gave me a quote for the repair that I could actually afford. The whole process took about an hour or so. Thank you, Steve!

Jenny Ducker - Bumper Crack Repair - Swansea

I didn't have my beautiful new car a week before there was a tear in the driver's seat. I called several companies to see how much the repair would cost and LVV gave me the best quote. Carmond came out the next day to my office and took care of it. Looks like brand new again. Thanks!

Derek - Leather Seat Repair - Saint Mellons - Cardiff

Without a doubt, LVV is the best in the business. I manage a large fleet of vehicles and have had Steve and Carmond come out several times. There has yet to be a dent or problem that they could not fix.

Malcolm - Dent Repair - Cardiff

I really did not think that a mobile service could help because the damage to my bumper was on the very edge. Carmond came out to look at it, gave me a quote, and had it fixed in less than an hour. Really great job, thanks!

Lisa - Bumper Repair - Newport

I did not know what paintless dent repair was, but I do now. It sure saved me a lot of money, Steve from LVV explained how the process is done and you really cannot see where the dent was in the door of my car. I Would recommend Steve to anyone who needs a dent gone fast.

Mary Dodds - Dent Repair - Swansea

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the repair Steve did on my car. I thought my only option would be to take it to the dealer and be seriously out of pocket. Not only was the repair done quickly, it was also done at a minimal cost.

Sarah - Dent Repair - Bridgend

I parked in an empty supermarket car park late one night, but when I returned I found a huge dent in the passenger door. I called LVV after spending searching online for repair companies. Glad I did. Steve took good care of my van and that ugly dent is gone. Very happy with the service.

Andrew - Dent Repair - Ely - Cardiff

I had a couple of things repaired by Carmond at LVV. He took care of my dashboard and my leather seats with various scuffs and marks. The service was excellent and I can't tell where the damage was to begin with. Great job and a great price, too.

Frank Sharp - Dashboard Repair - Llanishen - Cardiff

I got a nasty crack in the bumper of my BMW, which I had only had for about three months. Carmond came out to my home, looked it over, gave me a quote, and fixed the bumper. The whole appointment took about two hours and the bumper looks like new. Highly recommend Carmond and LVV.

Victor - Bumper Crack Repair - Whitchurch - Cardiff

I have only the highest regard for Carmond. The skills he used to repair my leather seat were fantastic because I can't even tell where the scuff was. Thank you for a job well done. Timothy - Leather Seat Scuff - Lisvane - Cardiff

Steve at LVV Services did a really great job repairing my door trim. It was the only part of the interior of my car that looked awful, but I had put off getting it fixed because of the expense. Little did I know that it would be much more affordable than I thought it only took about an hour for Steve to fix it. Julian - Door Trim Repair - Birchgrove - Cardiff

Just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I was with the alloy wheel repair that Carmond and Steve did on my BMW. The service was fast and much less expensive than buying a new wheel. Thank you. Donna - Alloy Wheel Repair - Swansea

Steve and Carmond are the only ones I call when our fleet needs dent repair or interior repairs. They work fast, but the repair work is first rate. I can always count on a job well done. Trevor Schiller - Dent Repair - Cardiff

A big thank you to Steve for taking care of an ugly dent in my bonnet. He was prompt and professional. I could not be more pleased with the results and would recommend him and LVV Services to anyone. George - Dent Repair - Saint Fagans - Cardiff

My Mum's bumper cracked when she backed into her rubbish bin. She wanted me to call someone to come fix it. I knew if I called the wrong person, I was going to be in for it. Thank goodness I called LVV. Steve came out fast, gave me a price that was very affordable, and took care of the bumper crack right there and then. I Couldn't be happier and Will definitely recommend LVV.

Nicholas - Saab Bumper Crack Repair - Whitchurch - Cardiff

So impressed with Steve and the dent repair he did on my Volvo. This car is my pride and joy and now it looks brand new again. That dent in my rear door had been bothering me for weeks. Steve took care of it about 30 minutes and it cost much less than what the dealer wanted to charge. Thanks!

Martin - Volvo Dent Repair - Taffs Well - Cardiff

I thought I was going to have to replace my leather seats. They were faded and horribly cracked, but a friend of mine told me to call Carmond at LVV Services. I am so glad I took his advice because I would have been out a lot of money if I'd replaced those seats. Carmond worked his magic and my seats look good as new. I'm so impressed!

Stuart Hill - Leather Seat Repair - Birchgrove - Cardiff

Great job on repairing my dash, It's impossible to tell where Carmond did the repair, which was more than I expected. He arrived right on time, was very professional, and I could not be more pleased.

Graham - Dashboard Repair - Butetown - Cardiff

When my friend burned my car seat with his cigarette, I thought that the burn mark was going to be there forever or I would have to replace the seat, my friend told me to ring LVV. Steve fixed that burn hole and unless you know right where it was, it is almost invisible. Good fix and fast, too.

Rachel - Car Seat Burn Repair - Cathays - Cardiff

I have to commend Carmond for the refurb he did on my alloy wheel. I caught the curb with it a couple of days ago and it looked bad. I got an estimate to replace it and it was just too high. I found LVV website and took a chance. Carmond came to my home, told me how much it would be to repair it, and how long it would take. Saved me a lot and it looks great.

Julian Parker - Subaru Alloy Wheel Repair - Saint Mellons - Cardiff

Got a dent in my door when a lady hit it with her car door Grrrrr. Steve got rid of the dent. I would recommend LVV to anyone that needs a dent removed fast and cheap.

Harvey - Dent Removal - Cardiff

I am always surprised when a contractor does a better job than expected these days. Carmond with LVV Services did just that. He was able to remove a dent in my bumper and there was no need to repaint the damaged area afterwards. Quite a skilled job.

Colin - Bumper Repair - Saint Fagens - Cardiff

Second time I have had to use Steve for a dent in my door, Same great quality service. Thanks, Steve. Will keep your numbers handy.

Christopher Phillips - Porsche Dent Removal - Swansea

Rotten weather during my repair. Steve still very professional and an excellent service on my Jag especially as the lease was up and it was going back the next day. The Dent in my boot is gone and no sign of repair work, I was delighted with the results. Will recommend to anyone and everyone.

Mr Thomas - Jaguar Dent Removal - Bridgend

I was one of the more skeptical customers. Steve said he could repair my alloy wheel and it would look good as new. I did not want to pay for a new wheel, so I thought, "why not?" Right choice without a doubt. The Wheel looks as good as new and the cost was less than half of a new one. Very pleased! Thanks.

Stephan - Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - Newport

I just wanted to say thanks to Steve for taking care of my car. It had a really ugly crack in the bumper from where I tapped another car. I didn't want my husband to find out and Steve came to my work and quickly had it fixed. It was so fast and inexpensive and certainly a lot less stress than telling my husband. Thank you.

Emma Davies - Bumper Crack Repair - Cardiff

Great job by LVV on my Volvo's leather seats, I did not want to replace them, but really was not sure what to do. A lad at work told me to ring up Steve. Was the best advice I got. Those ugly scuffs and fading on my seat are gone and it looks like new. Really well done and saved me a lot.

Clive Roberts - Leather seat Scuff Repair - Ely - Cardiff

Every once in a while I find a great service and wish I'd found it sooner. That is the way I feel about LVV. I had the ugliest scratches in my alloy wheel. They were so deep that I thought replacing was my only answer. Carmond looked the wheel over, gave a great quote for repairing it, and took care of it right then and there. Really great service and they even come to you.

Thomas Hughes - Beetle Alloy Wheel Refubishment - Pen-Y-Lan - Cardiff

L V V was recommended by a co-worker for a dent and scrape in my car's rear door. Steve showed up on time, did the repair, and charged exactly what he said he would. It doesn't get any better than that.

Olivia - Dent Repair - Llanishen - Cardiff

How refreshing for LVV Services to actually do what they say they will do! Carmond gave me a quote for repairing a crack in my bumper and said he would have it done in about an hour. It took less than that and I paid what he quoted. I could not see where the crack was at all. Great job!

Eric - Jaguar Bumper Crack Damage - Maindy - Cardiff

Called and got my dented door fixed the same afternoon. Steve does a great job and is professional. Thank you very much.

Gail Buckley - Focus Dent Repair 
- Lisvane - Cardiff

One of the things I love about my Range Rover is the leather seats. When I got a cut in one, I was really upset. Carmond at LVV not only repaired that cut, but I cannot even see where it was. Great service, but the cost was also very competitive. Won't hesitate to recommend LVV Services.

Victor - Range Rover Leather Seat Repair - Swansea

Steve and Carmond made quick work of a scuff in the front bumper of my beloved Volvo. The scuff is gone, car looks great again. It sure didn't cost as much as I expected it would, either. Thanks, Steve.

Helena Mills - Volvo Bumper Repair - Ely - Cardiff

LVV did a really good job on my alloy wheel repair. Carmond removed a dent and some scratches that looked awful. The total cost was about half what a new wheel would have cost me. Thanks for the professional and prompt service.

Lee - Audi Alloy Wheel Repair - Bridgend

Bumper repaired, good job nuff said.

Chris - Honda CRV Bumper Repair - Swansea

I don't normally write testimonials but wanted to say a big thanks to Steve and Carmond for doing what they promised, it's sad to say it but so many people let you down and you spend all day waiting for them to turn up. So it makes a nice change to find a company that turns up on time and does everything they say without any dramas.

Miss Roberts - Door Scratch and Alloy wheel repair - Newport

Great job Steve , even I can't tell where the dent on my car was, I appreciate you fitting me in at such short notice.

J Hall - Dent repair - Pontypridd

Carmond - You saved my life ha ha , now my husband will never know I cracked the bumper on his pride and joy.

Kirsty ???? - Cracked Bumper - Port Talbot

Thanks guy's I was told I needed a new bumper by my local body shop, but you proved them wrong and saved me money.

Sharon - Bumper Crack Repair - Cardiff

Just had Steve and Carmond sorting alloy wheel damage and body work dent. They did a great job, quick, professional, good value for money and the car looks like new. Fantastic - thanks fella's.

Chris in Whitchurch - Cardiff - Mercedes Alloy and Dent Repair

Very Pleased - Workmanship +quality of finish first class.

Very clean, competent level of service, would recommend.

Mr Hibbert - Range Rover Smart Repair - Newport - South Wales

Thanks Steve. Fantastic Service No Fuss, No mess and 30 minutes later door was dent free ! Very Happy

Mr Ward - Ford Kuga Door Dent Repair - Brynna - South Wales

Thanks very much for the recent work on my Honda civic. The work was carried out professionally, and you attended when you said you would all for a very reasonable cost.

I can see why you were recommended. The dent has gone and the door looks new again. Thanks

Mathew Lewis - Honda Civic dent repair - Cardiff

Four kerbed alloys on a Mk5 Golf GTI no problem for Steve & Carmond. Absolutely fantastic job - wheels like new and a really professional service. Thanks both.

Guy Jones - VW Golf - Alloy Wheel repair - Newport

Did an absolutely cracking job on my car. 100 X BETTER THAN PREVIOUS Dent company's I've used. Cheers Steve.

Ryan David - Saxo VTR dent repair - Brynna, South Wales

Having worked in a body shop for 20 years and been on a PDR course, I'm able to do this sort of work myself, however I always contact Steve Magill when I get a dent on one of my cars as he is quite simply the best dent man I've ever come across. Makes me 100% happy every Job.

Gareth Jarvis - Subaru Impreza Roof and Bonnet dent repair - Lee and Turner Car sales Bridgend

Steve, Just wanted to pass on my grateful thanks for the excellent job you did in repairing what was a really annoying dent in my pride and joy. (2011 Shogun). Really appreciate what you did and would have no trouble recommending you to my family and friends. You made it look so easy. Thanks again

Kelvin Stacey - Mitsubishi Shogun Door dent repair - Cardiff

Used these guys a while ago, when I kerbed a wheel on my Type R. They did such a good job, I called them again, when someone dented my door in a car park. Once again, first class, quick service. I would happily recommend them to anyone that is as fussy about their car, as I am!

Steve Blake - Honda Type R door dent - Cardiff

Hi Steve, just a response to the work you did on both my Ford Mondeos.
I was delighted with the work you did, it was very professional. The bodywork repairs were just what I wanted, and the advice given to me was very much appreciated. The cars now look really good!
I also appreciated very much you keeping in touch with me by telephone when we were trying to rearrange a date for the work, due to the bad weather. I never had to chase you, and as I said, I really appreciated this, best wishes Keith Williams

Mr Williams - Ford Mondeo Paint and Dent repairs - Cowbridge - South Wales

Called their mobile number at 11.00 on 13/07/11 and they arrived within the hour. We agreed what needed to be done to restore the alloy wheel and a price and again within the hour job was completed. An excellent job was done without me having to leave home, I would recommend them to anybody.

Mr Anderson - BMW Alloy wheel repair - Swansea - Mumbles

Very impressed - fast polite service and the dent has gone.

Martin Jones - Mercedes dent removal - Swansea

Very prompt service, Convenient because they come to your home address . First Class Job. Many Thanks would highly recommend.

Lindsay Ireland - Audi TT Alloy Wheel Repair - St Mellons - Cardiff

I had a dent removed from one of the rear doors. Great job.

Robert Bale - Focus Door Dent Repair - Newport - South Wales

Very pleased with the work. Thanks

Mayur Gaglani - Toyota Rav4 Bumper repair - Pennarth - South Wales

Very quick clean response, good work and value for money compared to paint shops.

Chris King - Honda CRV Bumper Repair - Canton - Cardiff

Having caused damage to my front bumper i needed a repair carried out asap. l v v services were prompt, polite and very punctual. they arrived bang on time even though not from my area, carried out the repair with no fuss or mess what so ever, and to showroom standard.Would highly recommend them to any one.

Howard Mander - BMW Bumper repair - Porth - South Wales

I was extremely pleased with level of service and the quality of the repairs to my vehicle and I would have no hesitation in recommending LVV Services to friends and colleagues

Regards Simon Thomas - Range Rover Door Trim and Alloy Wheel Repair - Cardiff - South Wales

Steve and Carmond came round this morning to repair a bumper scuff kindly supplied by my neighbour. The service from the moment I first called was fantastic, I sent a photo and Steve provided a competitive quote. But in these cases competitiveness isn't the most important thing. I was impressed by the customer testimonies and decided to give LVV a go, (having used the usual chip people in the past and been unimpressed with the finish). I will definitely use them again, both Steve and Carmond are very professional and the job done is impressive. Thank you !!

Paul Clough - Subaru Front Bumper Repair - Caerphilly - South Wales

I didn't realise how easy it was to damage alloy wheels until I scraped the kerb! LVV Services were local, and they came to my home. Great so far. I wasn't expecting them to be able to fully repair the chip; I had managed to take a real chunk out of the wheel. However, when they had finished, it was just like new, amazing. I had doubts initially about using LVV, it seemed too good to be true that they could repair the wheels on site so quickly. But not now, if you are deciding whether to try their services, then wait no longer, they are great.

A. Heather - Audi Alloy Wheel Repair - Cardiff

Met Steve and he quickly gave me an appraisal of the "dent" and a quote for removal. The work was carried out immediately and to a very high standard - the car looks as good as new. The price was reasonable and I would happily recommend Steve and his service to anyone.

John Turner - Car Dent repair - South Wales

L V V Services did a fantastic and efficient repair job on the dent in the door of my VW Golf, and am very happy recommend their services to anybody

Jan Smith - VW Golf Door Dent Repair - St Donat's - Vale of Glamorgan

Once again you've managed to turn the despair of someone damaging the side of my car into a miracle!!!

Andrew McLean - Range Rover Door Dent - Cardiff

L V V were superb, they were on time and were very reasonable. Highly recommended. Thank you

Gareth Lee - Audi rear spoiler damage repair and paint - Cardiff South Wales.

Thank you for removing the dent on the front wing of my car today,wednesday 12th April 2011.
I found you reliable[turned up as promised],efficient and pleasant.Within 20 minutes of arriving you had removed the dent,it was as good as new,excellent work.
I would have no hesitation in recommending to a friend or anyone else. Thank you

Brian Jones Neath South Wales - Mazda6 Front Wing Dent Repair

I am a solicitor practising in Swansea, at short notice dent master accommodated my needs and did a first class repair job at a fraction of the price a main dealer quoted. Thank you

Chris White - VW Golf door dent repair - Swansea

Arrived on time, an excellent job well done. I am very pleased with the result, there is no sign of the scratches, the car looks like New. Thank you

Kay Woolcock - Audi TT front wing paint Scratch repair - Port Talbot

I found Steve very competent and helpful, he did an excellent job on my Mercedes. Would recommend to anyone.

Mr Whitchurch - Mercedes front wing dent repair - Barry - South Wales

Brilliant service received from LVV. The cigarette burn is now practically invisible following your magic touch! Wouldn't hesitate in recommending you, or using your company again.

Claire Hurley - Renault Megane Seat Burn - Newport

Was amazed at how the dent was completely removed, Even the paintwork seemed brand new afterwards. Highly Recommended.

Richard Belcher - Ford Focus Door Dent Repair - Cowbridge - South Wales

Very impressed with service. Steve was a very pleasant gentleman. Arranged to meet me and dent was repaired, I cannot tell where it was and would recommend anyone to contact him if they need dent repair advice.

Elaine Williams - Citroen Rear Quarter Dent Repair - Baglan, Port Talbot

I had a bad scuff on the bumper of my car that I had been meaning to take to a body work specialist, but didn't have the inclination to do so, I also had scuffs all around both of my front alloys that spoilt the look of my car I decided to search the internet for a local body work specialist. While searching the net I discovered that there were mobile body work specialist in existence. This was excellent as i could leave my car on the drive way at home while it was being done, with no nonsense of leaving my car in the garage all day and getting a lift to and from.

I tested the water and gave LVV services Ltd a ring having appraised myself of their easy to understand web page. After describing my damage over the phone to, the very helpful, Steve I was given a fixed quote which I felt was a very reasonable price and so I booked him to attend my home at my convenience. I didn't know quite what to expect when they arrived but I was amazed at what a thorough and professional service they provided and was delighted at the result they had achieved in under only four hours, I felt that I had a new car. I would highly recommend LVV and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.

Ian - BMW - Alloy Wheels Repair and Bumper Scuff - Abercarn - Newport

Many thanks for the work done on my car, a really good job (and enjoyable to watch - both undenting and painting)!

Dan - VW Passat-Door dent repair and Bumper and door paint repair - Cardiff

Excellent Job ! These guys know what they're doing, Paintwork completely restored. Looks good as new, like there was no damage at all. Very Happy with the results and would recommend L V V to anybody.

Nick Yemm - Mazda MX-5 - Front and rear bumper paintwork repair - Cardiff

Done very quickly and efficiently, Awkward dent on bonnet crease. No problems,Very pleased recommend anytime...

Colin Woodcock - Skoda Octavia - Bonnet dent Repair - Rhoose

Excellent Service and the Dent is gone.

Hefin Davies - Audi TT Front Wing Dent Repair - Cardiff

Exellent service from first phone call , Really pleased with work carried out. Job was done so Quickly

David Jones - Mazda 6 Door Dent Repair - Ystradgynlais - Swansea

Turned up on time as promised and my dent was gone within 20 minutes. Fab Job Steve!

Alex Doyle - Fiesta front wing dent - Cardiff

Brilliant First Class job. Can recommend this company with confidence.

Neil Fuller - BMW Coupe, Bonnet Dent - Swansea, South Wales

Great Job. Better than expected Would highly recommend Thanks

Steven Morath - Audi TT - Dash repair and Alloy wheels - Barry South Wales

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent job you made of the bumper on my Toyota Avensis this week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back to meet you, I got caught up with patients on a ward, but I hope Scot sorted things out ok.

Steve Gregory - Toyota Avensis Bumper Repair - Swansea

Excellent comms, phoned back when promised and Steve came to my place of work in Swansea as agreed, making it very convenient. Repaired my dent in about 20 minutes or so restoring my pride and joy to its former glory. Very efficient service and he was both polite and helpful. Very pleased with the standard of workmanship. Very professional. No hesitation in recommending them.

Mike - Vauxhall Insignia - door dent - Porthcawl

Great Job, Thanks for a great service.

Katie Williams - Renault Dent Repair - Penarth South Wales

Very Efficient Service
Polite and Helpful
Will use again when someone else dents my Car!

Dr Sarah Hunt - Mercedes Dents - Penarth South Wales

Steve came to my place of work making it extremely easy for me, he repaired my dent in 20 minutes to a very satisfactory standard. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Even gave me Holiday advice - Great guy.

Andy Hooper - Z4 BMW Rear quarter dent repair - Cardiff

Very pleased, On Time, Professional Service. Well Done.

David Howell - Range Rover - Alloy Wheels Repair - Cardiff

Excellent prompt service at a reasonable cost.

John Moure - VW Golf Estate boot dent - Cardiff

Repeat customer so I already know they offer a great service. Thanks once again.

Jonathon Williams - Range Rover Boot dent - Cardiff

Fantastic Service No Fuss, No mess and 30 minutes later door was dent free ! Very Happy

Allison Green - Renault Clio Sport Dent - Llangan near Cowbridge

Job was done perfectly, will defo use again in future. Many Thanks.

Sami Youssef - Vauxhall Corsa - Bonnet Repair - Bridgend , South Wales

Thanks for the repair on my wheel arch, saved me a fortune compared to my first quote.

John Meredith - Citroen wheel arch repair - Miskin - near Bridgend

Great service, cannot tell that the scratches were there at all. Very prompt, flexible hours to fix ,will use again if needed. Thanks Lads.

Adrian Roberts - Vauxhall Vectra rear bumper Scratches - Newport

Excellent service, as new will recommend to others.

Jenny - Ely - Cardiff - Lexus Alloy Wheel Repairs

Excellent repair, cannot see the work just as New! Came on time and saved about 50% of the cost of a garage repair.

J Custerson - Bridgend - VW Scirocco - Bumper Repair

Excellent service. Very happy with the job.

Chris Gill - Maerdy Hotel Pencoed - Mercedes Benz Dents

No one likes a car with little dents and bumps. Dentmaster offer a non-invasive, low cost, convenient service which makes your panels look like New. Cheaper than a new car !

Mercedes Benz - Cowbridge

Very pleased with the quality and standard of workmanship.
Very professional.
No hesitation in recommending them.

Gary Edwards - Mondeo dents - Cowbridge

Job done during extreme weather conditions, very conscientious and helpful. Would strongly recommend their service.

Colin Lewis - Swansea - Alpha Romeo GT

Steve and his team came to my home address which was very convenient to me and within a couple of hours had carried out a thoroughly professional job on a number of scratches on my Jaguar.
I was delighted with the result -the car is as good as new and can thoroughly recommend them.

John Foster Thomas - Jaguar Bumper Repair - Llanblethian - Cowbridge

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